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SALES COPY MS. STAR HEALTH AND ALLIED INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED  The Health Insurance Specialist   HEALTH INSURANCE BASIC NECESSITY OF LIFE ___ By Y Rukmini Devi  INTRODUCTION Few decades ago, people were less aware of Health care Health and it's scope.  But today if anyone seems to be unaware of Health care and facilities that have developed around it's very name,  one is considered almost out of the arena of G K. Growing awareness among general public is the proof that Health Insurance is very  important today. Every individual and household are considered well organized and informed if they are already insured. Health Insurance Scarcity and Structure Health Insurance come under General Insurance sector.   In 2006, few well experienced personnel from Insurance sector understood the importance of Health Insurance and brought out the blueprint of Star Health standalone health insurance company with help from few Indian and foreign help. On May 18th 20
Dear Friend, Some Thoughts to share  1.  Calibrated Vision 2.  Freshener Forgiveness  3.  Generative Gratitude 4.  Trust Yourself  5.  A Growing Confidence  Explore, Dream, Discover... These are the ideas given to me by one of the greatest motivators of our times, Mrs Mary Morissey. More motivation to ponder over... Surround yourself with people who....... Empower you Believe in you Support you  Uplift you Motivate you Appreciate you  &  Who develop the power of discrimination and will power! Great evening!
Creating User Persona - Customer Avatar  Rukmini Devi Y Health Insurance Creating User Persona - Customer Avatar  Rukmini Devi Y Health Insurance Advisor - Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited 17 March 2020 we have been taught the Golden Triangle Rule which says that after learning and understanding any subject, one needs to teach it to someone so that the Triangle and thereby the philosophical meaning and the Process becomes complete.  I have created the Customer Avatar in Five Easy Steps: Recognise  the need by: References  Lead Generation  Meetings  Customer Introduction  Online or offline meeting  Schedule time for the meeting the Decision Maker Qualifying customer based on demographic and psycho graphic basis Presentation  Here, I explain the product and service details of our Company  Objection Handling  Close the sale or Schedule the next meeting  Dig Deep :  understanding customer at a better level or deeper  Understand the important is
Great Morning Morning is the time to feel fresh, energised, propelled towards a greater accomplishment during the day. According to one of the best know business organisations in the world of products, good morning means "Good more earning". I know this is definitely a new way of looking at things and understanding them as well. It's so wonderful when people create, invent, or discover something novel in this way for us to reflect whenever we use them. How many of us make proper use of our time really..! As one of the greatest Godmen Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda says, "lifetimes ebb away beforewe wake up"! Many people might be spending their mornings in useless gossiping or unproductive activities which do not constitute productive in any way... neither physically, nor intellectually, nor socially, nor spiritually! Great men and women of all ages have always stressed the importance of morning routines that develop one in all the three phases of

Overcoming Procrastination - Few Tips That Really Help

Hi HAPPY SUNDAY! A few tips to overcome procrastination 1. Be decisive The minute you get decisive, you cannot afford to procrastinate. So being at deciding level makes us less procrastinating. 2. You may write it for better decisions When we write down something, we tend to become more focussed and motivated towards achieving our intended tasks. 3.Reward yourself It is important that you reward yourself when you overcome your indecisive situation and work on a task which takes you to the next level in the accomplishment of your goal. So, there we have the three most important tips to overcome our procrastinating attitude and develop ourselves into more disciplined beings. Cheers Rukmini