Great Morning Morning is the time to feel fresh, energised, propelled towards a greater accomplishment during the day. According to one of the best know business organisations in the world of products, good morning means "Good more earning". I know this is definitely a new way of looking at things and understanding them as well. It's so wonderful when people create, invent, or discover something novel in this way for us to reflect whenever we use them. How many of us make proper use of our time really..! As one of the greatest Godmen Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda says, "lifetimes ebb away beforewe wake up"! Many people might be spending their mornings in useless gossiping or unproductive activities which do not constitute productive in any way... neither physically, nor intellectually, nor socially, nor spiritually! Great men and women of all ages have always stressed the importance of morning routines that develop one in all the three phases of life - physically, intellectually, and spiritually. We have to be our best analyser, critic, and competitor by bringing into proper use our powers of proper introspection and inner reflections. So, Great Morning and Great day ahead..! Rukmini


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