The Health Insurance Specialist 
By Y Rukmini Devi 


Few decades ago, people were less aware of Health care Health and it's scope.  But today if anyone seems to be unaware of Health care and facilities that have developed around it's very name,  one is considered almost out of the arena of G K. Growing awareness among general public is the proof that Health Insurance is very  important today. Every individual and household are considered well organized and informed if they are already insured.

Health Insurance Scarcity and Structure

Health Insurance come under General Insurance sector.  
In 2006, few well experienced personnel from Insurance sector understood the importance of Health Insurance and brought out the blueprint of Star Health standalone health insurance company with help from few Indian and foreign help.
On May 18th 2006, Star Health and Allied Insurance Company headed by the Chairman Mr V  Jaganatham and his Board of Directors came into existence and head quartered at Chennai. 
Since 2006, the company has been expanding itself to all the cities as well as remotest of rural places in our country to extend the Health Insurance services through their Operations,  branch offices and Sales Teams running into thousands of personnel. All this is being in order to cater to the needs of growing population in the country.

Awards and Accolades

Star Health insurance is a smart choice because:
The company has covered 16.9 Cr since it's inception 
12,739 Cr claim amount  has been paid out since 2006
Hassle-free in-house claims settlement 
9000+ Network Hospitals in the country 
  1. Best BFSI Brands 2019

  2. Health Insurance Company of the Year 2017 - Finteleket Insurance Awards 2017

  3. Outlook Money Awards 2017 - Health Insurance provider of the Year
  4. Money Today Financial Awards 2017 - 18
  5. Best Health Insurance Provider of The Year - Business Today Money Today Financial Awards 2017 - 18


The company carries out it's various operations and services through properly channelized authorities of Branch Offices,  Sales Teams, and different channels of agents working in different locations throughout the country. All these offices are authorised based on zones and regions.
Grand accolades to Star Health  Insurance Company that started out as stand alone Health Insurance Company in 2006 has now completed 14 years in Health care industry. 


The Company takes over the health risk of its customers and in return,  commits itself to hassle free direct in house settlement of claims within a specified period of time and as per the Contract agreement between the company and the customer.  This commitment is carried out in utmost faith and Trust and the Agreement done between the Company and according to the principles laid down by Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India.
The Fear Factor in Health Insurance 
More often than not,  generally prospects consider that an Advisor or an agent like me just try to sell policies by frightening people about their health!
But that's not true!
In this age and times that we live, we are trying  to show the advantages if one gets insured and the disadvantages if one foes not get one's health insured!
It's always better to get insured and be safe than thinking that one would not fall sick and leave their health into destiny's hands!
Better to remain safe and confident that one's Health is taken care of than remain apprehensive of uncertain health and future!

Likeable Factors 

  1. Health  Insurance Portability 
  2. Individual Medi Classic policy for individuals 
  3. Family Health Optima for family members 
  4. Star Comprehensive that covers all the family members and comes with the benefit of inbuilt Personal Accident policy 
  5. Save tax upto 75000 under 80D


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