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The Importance of Health Insurance And Digital Marketing  This is a very important and vast subject maybe beyond the comprehension of our contemporary world.  As my dear reader, you are well aware of the importance of Health Insurance and today when the whole world is in a Lockdown situation,  Digital Marketing is the single node which can help and promote the urgent need for health insurance and at the same time, help the general public with going forward with online processing of their requests for all the pertaining services.  But for Digital Marketing world,  the world as we see it would have been very different. As if by coincidence,  1920 and 2020 have come to experience a relatively contrasting environment to generally feel-good-world that we were accustomed to.  People all over the world ascribe this situation to planetary positioning. As a general rule, at least most of us accept this situation as something inevitable that's been pre planned by destiny. 
SUCCESS review  Management Guru Shri Ganesha - The Lord of Success      Let us learn and nurture the management traits from Shree Ganesha to excel in …           Our personal,  social, professional, and family life! Success ……..      The true meaning of success may seem complex.  However, the concept of success is really quite simple:  success is the progressive realization of worthy dreams, goals,  and objectives. One never truly arrives at a destination called success, but rather is either successful or not successful at achieving goals and reaching objectives.  In other words,  success is not a destination,  but are the steps we take on the path to our destination.  In order to succeed,  we successfully navigate the path to our dreams,  goals, and objectives. Once we see it a 'the steps ', we are able to calculate the 'next successful step' towards our destinations.  We are able to measure the 'success of a day's by determining if