• The Importance of Health Insurance And Digital Marketing 

This is a very important and vast subject maybe beyond the comprehension of our contemporary world. 

As my dear reader, you are well aware of the importance of Health Insurance and today when the whole world is in a Lockdown situation,  Digital Marketing is the single node which can help and promote the urgent need for health insurance and at the same time, help the general public with going forward with online processing of their requests for all the pertaining services. 

But for Digital Marketing world,  the world as we see it would have been very different. As if by coincidence,  1920 and 2020 have come to experience a relatively contrasting environment to generally feel-good-world that we were accustomed to.  People all over the world ascribe this situation to planetary positioning. As a general rule, at least most of us accept this situation as something inevitable that's been pre planned by destiny.  The world as such doesn't seem to but has literally come to a standstill state from where one can only be optimistic amid few revelations and ongoing inventions and discoveries that would combat the horrific "corona" virus!  To all those suffering the virus's I'll effects, every instant of life has become a nightmare! It's easily advised to be optimistic than really remain so amidst such alarming number of world population succumbing to the deadly virus. So many things are being discussed worldwide as to whether the virus was in fact invented by scientific means or has it been discovered for the first time!
Reflections on different geographical factors and cultures across the globe propel one to first understand the situation the world is currently placed in and then through mind power contributions from science and technology would definitely go a long way in addressing this issue and bringing out the various possible solutions to all our global brothers and sisters.

Digital Marketing is the platform to bring onboard all the globally available products and services to world community; and Health Insurance companies have certainly put in their best efforts in applying the digital marketing technology to keep people informed about all the necessary information pertaining to Health care of which Health Insurance Company is very much a Part and Parcel of the Service. 
Our world has become a Global Village.  But along with all the advantages and benefits,  we have also become subjected to certain drawbacks like the "effects of Corona virus" which cannot be denied in any way!  Who on earth would ever imagine that some virus would appear so suddenly and leave the world community at large in such catastrophic conditions. The world has literally come 3a standstill point from where I am sure that each and every intelligent human being is day and night diving into their thought-processes as to find out a way out of the prevailing dangerous circumstances. www.rukmini.info


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