Happy Day!

It is my pleasure to wish you abundant peace,  joy, & happiness not only for your Special day that happens to be your Birthday,  but also throughout your sweet life. 

Coming to the article I have just read on lead Generation, and one's love for their work or life partner, I believe it is purely subjective and cannot be objective at least to a certain extent. 

One of the greatest Seers of our times Sri Sri PARAMAHANSA YOGANANDA, also known as Father of Modern Yoga,  says on Happiness in his popular book "The Law of Success" as follows:

"Happiness depends to some extent upon external conditions,  but chiefly upon mental attitudes.   In order to be happy one should have good health,  a well balanced mind, a prosperous life,  the right work, a thankful heart,  and above all,  wisdom or knowledge of God."

My personal opinion is that nothing seems or sounds to be constant even at any given time. People try hard to succeed in life and when they do really succeed,  they change inside out like a Caterpillar which in our business world is not only acceptable,  but has also become a norm!  One of the motivational YouTube series mentioned that if one asked the successful person as to why he has changed, the successful person will laugh away at the inquirer's mindset thinking in his own mind as if why would he work so hard if he were to remain the same..!??? Naturally,  people around the successful person would consider that the person has changed a lot! And it has to be so very much because he had worked hard to become that changed person and not remain the same!  

Here, I would like to say that only a person or a group of persons are likely to understand the wonderful person's psychology and mindset when they try to follow his words, thoughts, and actions in a very deep attentive and analysing way. If so called others could understand that mindset, well and good for all. If they do not understand,  well.. it's their own fault of expecting too much from people with limited mindset. I said limited mindset because whenever a person tries to achieve any particular goal,  it is inherent in the process that one will sideline everything else under all circumstances to go only after the necessary goal and the different processes that would help in achieving only that particular goal. So when we go after the particular goal and sideline everything else including people, situations,  or anything around,  we do really limit ourselves and become limited in our mindset.

I am grateful for all the wonderful successful persons including you who crossed my path helping,  inspiring,  and motivating me to become a better version of myself day by day and year by year!

In order to be successful in one's life, career,  and relationships,  one needs to be balanced with every aspect of life without letting one aspect of life getting in the way of achieving in another aspect. People will change; socio-political and economic conditions will change; but what remains unchanged contributing towards anyone's happiness is one's own perspective towards his own ever evolving expansion of consciousness - be it at individual level or at a global understanding.

Wishing you tons of fun and wonderful memories,


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