I heartily welcome the most wonderful New Year ever - 2022!

Not only most wonderful,  but also most beautiful because the things which are yet to unfold themselves seem mysterious,  creating ohs, ahs,  sometimes unimaginably spectacular!  Whichever industry or area of interest you might be in, IT IS YOUR WORLD - that God or Almighty or the ONLY DIRECTING FORCE of which we are all a part and parcel of.. whether you accept or not.

New Year means new resolutions. 

But do you really make those new year resolutions and attempt at adhering to the memorable decisions,  or just namesake?  Strictly speaking,  new year resolutions are meant for general public.   Taken aback!?  Yes.. it is so because I have my point here.

Growth-oriented,  genius people do not need to wait for three hundred and sixty five days to make some so called new year resolutions and strive to stick to them!  As one of the greatest Seers of all times Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda ji says, you need to try to make each day better than the previous one.   If I follow that advice,  I have taken 365 opportunities in a single year to make, strive to follow, and analyse or introspect all the decisions and the actions that follow them instead of waiting 365 days to take just a few decisions at the beginning of the new year of 365 days!

Time and tide wait for none!  So it is in our best interests to take, analyse, and live life one day at a time giving it it's due.. nothing less,  nothing more.. just optimum.  Time respects the one who respects it.

For example,   the prospect I have contacted to get his Health Insured asked for more time.  Why did he need more time when he is supposed to get his Health Insured within few days at the maximum and not keep on dragging into weeks or months!  It is in the prospect's best interest to get himself insured ASAP and not wait until eternity as if some miracle would take place to avoid getting Insured.  In fact,  well informed people neither postpone getting their Health insured, nor do they avoid taking proper advice in the first place.   Moreover postponing Health Insurance means that the person is not aware of its importance -  firstly they need to understand that during the first 30 days of being insured,  personal accident is the only benefit covered.  After 30 days,  all the general health problems will be covered with 24 hour hospitalization.  But very important day care procedures are covered after 24 months.  If anyone has previously existing diseases,  they are generally covered after 48 months except if you want to buy this waiting period to a certain extent with additional premium.  So there you see.. it does really makes sense to buy Health Insurance as and when given a chance to do so by way of any Advisor's call, or message than simply postponing for no appropriate reason!

One of my best friends often narrates this story where a person walks along a seaside imagining that he would be helping his village people and himself as well if only he could find some treasure.  And during all this time that he walks along the banks he keeps on taking out pebbles and throwing them into the water from a small bag which he holds with himself always.  Once it so happened that a saint came in the opposite direction and saw what our friend was doing..  so the Saint stopped the seaside Walker, and enquired as to what and why he was throwing away those pebbles.  Our friend informed the Saint that he was just throwing away the pebbles he had kept in his bag.  To this statement,  the Saint suddenly seemed angry (because saints are supposed to be above such emotion as getting angry with anyone or anything) and enlightened our ignorant friend that he did not realise the importance of the precious stones he was carrying in his bag and threw them away thinking them to be merely pebbles!  Then our wonderful friend just checked his bag, and to his astonishment,  realized that the pebbles he was throwing away were indeed the precious stones which would have helped him become rich and fulfill all his dreams.

The foregoing story is an analogy that aptly describes our very own situation when we ignorantly pass away our time without realizing it's importance in accomplishing great and grand achievements which we are capable of achieving but may not be either aware of or not inquisitive enough. 

My friend's valuable advice to me and you is that we do not throw away the precious stone of this New Year  into the river of time uselessly, but accomplish whatever is possible in our capacity to do so.

So here is wishing you a Very Happy,  Healthy,  and Prosperous New Year.

One book I would  like to suggest if you like to read is "Power of now".


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